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Realtime cloud connectivity for your apps

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Awesome Features

The most awesome and complete features to meet all your needs!

Basic Features

  • Pub/Sub Messaging
    Realtime publish/subscribe messaging to millions of users or devices.

  • Presence Notification
    Identify when user join to or leave from channel.

  • Multiplexing
    Subscribe multiple channels on a single connection.

  • Message Storage
    Store your message data stream for future retrieval.

  • Security
    Secure connection with AES, TLS/SSL and Javascript SDK Authorized Domain.

Advance Features

We Offer 15+ SDKs

We are using Industry Standard Protocols including MQTT, Web Socket in our 15+ Realtime SDKs.
All SDKs support cross-platform message communication.

Simple SDKs - Easy to Use

Easy for developers to make realtime applications with Simple Yalgaar SDKs.
Check out our SDKs & Documentation and Tutorials.


<!-- Publish simple message to YourChannel -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    ChannelName: 'YourChannel',
    Message: 'This is Yalgaar Pub/Sub Example',
    Callback: function (acknowledgment) {


<!-- Subscribe to YourChannel -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    ChannelName: 'YourChannel',
    Callback: function (message, channel, acknowledgement) {
        // Shows alert when message receive
        alert(message + " on channel " + channel);


//Publish simple message to YourChannel
yalgaar.Publish("YourChannel", "This is Yalgaar Pub/Sub Example");


//Subscribe to YourChannel
yalgaar.Subscribe("YourChannel", SubscribeReturnMessage, SubErrorMessage);
//shows message box when message subscribe public void SubscribeReturnMessage(string Channel, string message) { MessageBox.Show(Message); } //shows message box when Error occur private void SubErrorMessage(string Message) { MessageBox.Show(Message); }


//Publish simple message to YourChannel
yalgaar.publish("YourChannel", "This is Yalgaar Pub/Sub Example", publishCallback);


//Subscribe to YourChannel
yalgaar.subscribe("YourChannel", subscriptionCallback, null);
//print when message subscribe public void subscriptionCallback(string message) { System.out.println(message); }


//Publish message to YourChannel
[objYalgaarClient publishWithChannel:@"YourChannel" Message:@"This is Yalgaar Pub/Sub Example" Error:&error];


//Subscribe to YourChannel
[objYalgaarClient subscribeWithChannel:@”YourChannel” Error:&error];
//called when receive data 
(void) dataReceivedForSubscription:(NSString *)data OnChannels:(NSArray *)Channels{
    NSLog(@"Data received: %@", data);

More SDKs

For more languages, 
check out Yalgaar SDK & Documentation page
SDK & Documentation

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