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Presence Notification

Identify when user or machine join to or leave from channel

  • Our presence and device awareness feature is geared towards letting your users be in the know of who’s online and who’s not. We offer automatic, real-time detection of user and device status.

  • That helps developers and digital marketers to build such apps as multiplayer games, chat rooms, etc.

  • Each member’s status is comprehensively ascertained with system assigned connection identifier and self assigned client identifier, hence offering accuracy till the last microsecond.

  • Moreover, this feature is multifaceted. In other words, it not just interprets a user and device’s online/offline status.

The following functions make our messaging app worth your while

Custome Status Change

The presence feature, with Yalgaar, streams live updates about change in device state.

Connection Status

Every time a user or device connects or disconnects from the channel, an automatic signal is sent to other devices and servers.

Other Actions

As soon as a Presence function happens, the Yalgaar function is triggered. Other 3rd party services can also be activated by the app.

Valuable Updates

Finally, the app can stream personalized information about the device and users up to the last microsecond.

Why Would You Care?

  • Microsecond Update - Information about user and device status are updated on a millisecond basis. Knowledge is important, and Yalgaar keeps it live for your users.

  • Affordability - You get all the advanced features and attributes at prices that you can’t believe.

  • Details - Not only does the Presence feature track the online/offline status of users and devices, it also tracks changes in their status. Plus, it provides a list of users in a channel and the number of channels each user is connected to.

  • Robust - This feature is designed to be robust and steadfast. We stand behind our quality, and the Presence feature is a prime example of the same.

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