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Start-up Plans

50 Concurrent Connections
5000 Messages/Day


per month

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500 Concurrent Connections
100000 Messages/Day


per month

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1000 Concurrent Connections
200000 Messages/Day


per month

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1500 Concurrent Connections
300000 Messages/Day


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Corporate Plans

3000 Concurrent Connections
600000 Messages/Day


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5000 Concurrent Connections
1000000 Messages/Day


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10000 Concurrent Connections
2000000 Messages/Day


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Custom Concurrent Connections
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Pricing FAQs

Yes, you can try Yalgaar for free as we offer a free plan for trial purposes. The Free plan provides you up to a 50 concurrent connections and 5000 messages per day. Click here to get started today.
As long as you stay within the limit of the free plan, you can use it as long as you need it. It is intended for testing and development purposes hence once your application reaches production, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.
We provide an admin dashboard that covers information such as total concurrent connection with used concurrent connection and unused concurrent connection as well as total messages with used messages and unused messages.
Concurrent connection means at a particular time of moment the number of total client devices connected to the Yalgaar. For instance, if you connect 75 client devices at 10:15 am and after 7 minutes 10 client devices are disconnected and within 2 minutes 35 new client devices are connected. So, in the end, you have 50 concurrent connections in Yalgaar.
Messages are counted by the total number of published, subscribed, history and webhook messages for particular client key.
If you are using the Yalgaar Webhook feature to receive Yalgaar events on your external rest server, then in Yalgaar’s each Webhook event whether it is message or presence counted as a publish message. For instance, if Yalgaar makes 5 webhook calls and in each call, there are 12 events, then at the end a total of 60 events will be received by the external rest server. So, 60 messages charge will be counted by Yalgaar.
Yes, you will be charged for all the keys in your account. As all Yalgaar plan is differentiated by application client-key, Charges will be calculated based on the number of client keys in a particular user account. For instance, if you have 3 applications with 3 different client keys from 1st application use beginner plan, 2nd application use launch plan and 3rd application use the free plan. So you have to pay for only for 1st and 2nd applications which use beginner and launch plan according to their pricing plan.
No. Yalgaar charges will be the same for both types of connection SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) connection and normal connection.
You do not need to pay for activating features like security, presence, webhook, etc. Information related to features that are included in all plan is mention in the above click here.
Yalgaar accept payment using PayPal’s payment system.
At the client-side, you will get intimation in your client application via Yalgaar SDKs. If you want support regarding exceeds the limit then please contact us .
No, Yalgaar free/paid plan connection and messages are only applicable for the current day, it will not accumulate to the next day.
If you don’t renew or upgrade your paid plan before the expiry date then you will switch to Yalgaar free plan. Please, immediately renew or upgrade your expired plan.
Of course, you can upgrade the plan at any time as we will never lock you in. If you upgrade in the middle of your existing plan period than we will notify you by alert messages that you want to upgrade your plan immediately. If you select “yes” then in your current plan remaining days amount will be deducted from your new plan and your new plan start from that day. And if you select “no” then your new plan will be started after your existing plan will expire.
For instance, if you are using a started the plan and it expires before 9 days and if you want to upgrade to scale plan which is at $149.9900. And suppose your current plan remains with 9 days worth amount $8.997 which will be deducted from scale plan amount. So at the time of plan upgrade, you only pay $140.993.‬ And if you do not immediately upgrade your new plan you have to pay the full amount of scale plan and your plan will be started after expired of the started plan.
If you renew your current plan before it is going to expire at that time your new renewal plan will start after your current plan is expired. For example, if your current plan expires on 27th march and you renew your plan on 21st march then your newly renewal plan will be started on 28th March.
We’ll shoot you an email before 7 days, 3 days and on expire date of your paid plan.
Yes, but if you downgrade the plan you will not get any refund from your existing plan even if there are some days reaming in it. For instance, if currently, you are using enterprise plan and after 10 days you want to downgrade your plan to scale plan then you will not get any refund amount from your enterprise plan even though there are 20 days remaining in your enterprise plan.


50 Concurrent Connections & 5000 Messages Per Day

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