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Pub/Sub Messaging

Realtime publish/subscribe messaging to millions of users or devices.

Publish Subscribe
  • As a developer or a digital marketing agency, you want your messaging application to be secure, scalable, and reliable.

  • Our Pub/Sub messaging feature combines these three to give you a holistic, real-time messaging system with unparalleled & transparent pricing packages.

  • Our pub/sub messaging feature allows you to send and receive instant publish/subscribe messages to millions across platforms, devices, and geographies.

  • Whether you want to build a messaging system for mobile, desktops/laptops, web, servers, or even IOT; we deliver dynamic APIs to let you achieve global success.

The following functions make our messaging app worth your while


Want to facilitate a unicast (one to one) real-time message? We give you an exclusively allocated channel.

On Cloud Nine

Yalgaar lets you send thousands of messages per second with scalable infrastructure on the cloud.


Our reliable message ordering system is at par with the best.

One to Many

How about sending one to many real-time messages cross-platform and cross-device?


Yalgaar delivers top-notch security with TLS connectivity, built-in AES256 libraries delivery, secure point-to-point and end-to-end encryption.


Our messaging system makes use of industrial standard protocols including MQTT, Web Socket via Yalgaar SDKs.

Why Would You Care?

  • Affordability - When you get the same features as our competitors but at a significantly cheaper price, why would ever consider anyone else?

  • Global Scalability - Yalgaar offers low-latency messaging across numerous devices, users, and platforms to help you achieve unrestrictive scalability.

  • Real-Time - Our pub/sub messaging is instant, and we truly mean it.

  • Up for the Challenge - The world is complicated, and Yalgaar is up for the challenge. We automatically manage dropped connections, provide and AES/TLS encryption, effectively handle unreliable networks, and more.

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