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Offline Message

Reliable and guaranteed delivery with no single point of failure

offline messages

Connection state recovery and offline messages

  • It is very usual for a devices to have network connectivity issue for short time. Due to that devices won't get published messages during that short time period.

  • Yalgaar helps you to build realtime application with maintaining connection state recovery and message delivery guarantee. Developer doesn't need to worry about message delivery from one end to another end.

  • Yalgaar ensures that if client is disconnected from server for short time, client connection state is retained on server and client will get offline messages.

  • You can enable offline message add-on from dashboard.

  • When Yalgaar client is disconnected abnormally, we retain connection stae and messages published on all the channels the client was subscribed to. Yalgaar holds the connection state for maximum of 2 minutes. Once client is reconnected, the messages for each subscribed channels are delivered immediately.

  • If client is disconnected for more than 2 minutes, there is another way for developer to get recent published messages using Message Storage(History feature). Yalgaar stores history messages with no time limit.

  • Yalgaar provides a 100% message delivery guarantee.

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