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Offline Message

Reliable and guaranteed delivery with no single point of failure

offline messages
  • Our connection state recovery feature provides reliable and guaranteed delivery of messages to users who go offline for a short time. There is no single point of failure in the system, giving you uncompromised peace of mind.

  • Devices experience intermittent network connectivity issues when changing from mobile to WiFi network or while being in and out of coverage area for a short time or because of network issues.

  • Because of such network connectivity problems, Published messages are not received for that device during the offline period.

  • Yalgaar helps you build real-time application with connection state recovery and message delivery guarantee.

  • Connection state recovery and message delivery is reliable and automatic. Therefore, the developers don’t need to worry about message delivery from one end to another.

The following functions make our messaging app worth your while

Reliable Message Delivery

Our message delivery system is absolutely reliable and guaranteed. The app holds connection state for maximum 2 minutes. For over 2 minutes of disconnection, recent published messages can be retrieved with the help of our message storage feature.

Automatic Reconnection

When the user is disconnected abruptly, the device is moved into a disconnected state and reconnected automatically. Moreover, client libraries are defaulted to attempt reconnection every 1 second.

Multi-Channel Message Delivery

When the client is offline, messages published on all subscribed channels are stored. Upon reconnection, all those messages from multiple channels are immediately delivered.

Easy to Enable

Enabling this feature is as simple as clicking a button from the dashboard. This reinforces our commitment to making it simple for developers to create robust, real-time apps.

Why Would You Care?

  • Guaranteed Message Delivery - Message delivery with Yalgaar is 100% guaranteed.

  • Affordability - Could you imagine that you could get just reliability at prices that are much cheaper than our competition?

  • Developer Support - There’s extensive documentation and a number of tutorials available to support our developer community.

  • Ease of Use - This feature is extremely simple to enable, and so are the other features. Ease of use is something we take pride in, at Yalgaar.

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