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Realtime Chat Applications

July 11, 2020

Secure messaging tool

Handling Messaging and Security with Yalgaar

If you are an avid marketer, you will be aware of the need for a safe and efficient communication channel in the world of business. Indeed, the need for messaging tools is on the rise. This is mainly because more and more customers are aiming for real-time support. Whether it is an online venture or an offline business - you are expected to offer prompt solutions to your customers. This means, the ideology to have real-time chatting tools and safety features is becoming a fundamental necessity. In such a scenario, SDKs like Yalgaar will be very useful.Even when there are so many SDKs to choose from, Yalgaar has turned into a favorite amongst developers.

Yalgaar and Chatting Applications

First things first, every business needs chatting applications which are reliable, safe and scalable. The application should be capable of handling multiple customers at the same time. This ability to cater to the needs of several customers simultaneously is never easy. But, it is crucial. After all, customers can shun away from your business for something faster. One of Yalgaar’s intuitive messaging facility would be Pub/Sub. This is a messaging feature that allows businesses to share information with multiple customers at the same time. You can coordinate millions of customers using this messaging tool. Indeed, this is a holistic service offered at a transparent price. Using this feature, businesses can send messages across demographics, devices and platforms. The Yalgaar SDK supports this seamlessly.

Most of the chatting and messaging solutions from Yalgaar are scalable. This is because they are based on cloud infrastructure. You can consider improving and making the solution bigger without worrying about infrastructure. This is one of the main reasons why companies rely on chat apps designed and developed using Yalgaar. Both web sockets and MQTT protocols can be connected using the Yalgaar SDK. As a result, the solution offered by this development script is robust.

The process of chatting doesn’t end here. Many times, businesses need to maintain a record of every conversation made by the teams. This could be within or outside the organization. Either way, messaging storage becomes inevitable.

By definition, message storage is another feature offered by Yalgaar. It helps businesses record and store real-time communication. This storage facility is often integrated with the charging application. It supports storing and retrieving information. The SDK allows users to decide if the message needs to be stored or not. This means businesses are allowed to handpick messages that need to be saved for future use. And, they can discard the rest. Yalgaar has a simple History API. This API allows users to store up to 100 messages without any hassles or tussles. When the number of messages saved needs to be increased, the customer support facility of Yalgaar needs to be contacted. This summarized the real-time data management solution presented by Yalgaar. With size, no longer being a limitation, businesses have the liberty to replay previous conversations to their clients.

Messaging, chatting and real-time data management are three irreplaceable qualities of a business. Millennials who are keen in connecting with companies and industries look for these three features. However, the need for such facilities introduces the quest for advanced security measures. Security is often an integral part of any communication channel. With Yalgaar venturing into the cloud, and real-time communication - security should be one of its primary areas of focus.

Fortunately, the SDK has taken care of security too.

Yalgaar and Enhanced Security

With Yalgaar supporting real-time communication, it is important for it to handle security. Every conversation made using the Yalgaar tools need to be secured. It is essential to ensure that the real-time messaging platform is both robust and secure.

Yalgaar makes use of AES and SSL (TLS) technologies you build a secure messaging and data transfer channel. Any kind of information can be passed through the channel in a steadfast manner. Every connection made has a unique Yalgaar key. This client key can be added to the authorized domain dashboard. This means the sender will be aware of the transfer. Likewise, the key can be used to protect the data from unintended viewers. For additional security, developers can integrate the Javascript Security API too.

Another reason why Yalgaar’s security tops charts are because it is easy to configure. As mentioned previously, you have a dashboard which can be used to view the client key. Meanwhile, it can be used to enhance your security measures too. The dashboard comes with an advanced setting feature.

Yalgaar SDK ensures end to end encryption. This reduces the chances of intermediate attacks from prying eyes. With reduced intermediate attacks, your data is definitely safe.

The technology behind Yalgaar Security 

.One of Yalgaar’s key security features would be the UUID token. This SDK has a sophisticated token card authentication system. The system makes use of three different types of tokens. Firstly, the token is used as a part of the Pub/Subsystem. Secondly, the token is used only for the publishing channel. This means the UUID is only used for publishing content in the channel. And, the third token is used to subscribe. Under the Subscribe token, users are only allowed to receive messages. At all levels, messages have access control logics. This clearly means that not everyone can subscribe, publish or even see the data in the communication channel. The token-based system is carefully managed at the server level. Thus, it will never be seen by any unintended user.


If you are building a real-time chat application or a secure messaging tool - Yalgaar is definitely a great choice for you. This SDK takes care of messaging in many ways. It goes beyond key-based authentication techniques and supports token-based verification. Indeed, this would be the next level of messaging. With secure and seamless integration, this is what every business aiming to build a chat app or messaging tool needs. All corporate communication hassles are resolved by this simple Javascript SDK that seamlessly integrates with existing protocols and apps.

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