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Push notification secrets cover how Yalgaar can help solve push notification challenges

March 09, 2021

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The Science Behind Push Notification Secrets

Time after time, marketers have always faced unique challenges. They keep facing trouble in understanding how to keep users engaged. After all, user engagement is their primary goal. And, without the right methods, user engagement becomes a major challenge. This is when strategies like push notification secrets become useful. Over the years, SMS and email blasts have turned into inefficient methods of marketing. This is mainly because too much data gets overloaded in these conversations. And, when there are endless emails and messages from companies to consumers, your communications are more likely to be ignored. According to a recent study, more than 60% of customers tend to “mute” emails and messages from companies. If your business falls into this category, things can become extremely tricky for you! 

The above situation is going to be improved with the help of push notification secrets. This is a new system that is definitely going to shake things up! The concept of push notification secrets was introduced by the developers of Blackberry. This was a special push message service, which is customized to support emails. The emails would be received by the customers in real-time, in a tiny tab in their mobile screens. The time lag in sending and receiving emails in your mobile and smart devices can be reduced with this. With this notification system, you no longer have to refresh your device. With time, brands started to revolutionize this technique.

With all this being said, what are push notification secrets? What makes this technology interesting?

By definition, push notification secrets are simple messages which get pushed into smart devices like mobiles and desktop computers in a heads up fashion. 

What makes Push Notification secrets?

First of all, you must be aware of the fact that there are two different methods of transmitting the information. One, you have push, and then you have pull. These are two strategies for sending and receiving information online. When a receiver decides to pull data, the pull protocol becomes effective. In this protocol, users are expected to connect with servers and ask for information. On the other hand, senders make use of the push protocol. At all times, the connection maintained is open. And, the connection is established between the server and the user. All critical pieces of information are carefully pushed to the user. The process doesn’t depend on the type of information requested by the user. For example, you can request information from your mobiles or desktops. And, the service provider is obligated to send you information. The push protocol is important when you want messages to appear on the phone or desktop in real-time.

The technology behind Mobile Push Notification Secrets

When notifications have to be pushed into mobile devices, you need to use the right technologies and tools. Fortunately, there are many solutions to help you simplify the entire process. For instance, you have Yalgaar.

What is Yalgaar?

By definition, Yalgaar is all about creating stunning real-time applications. Yalgaar's primary goal is to support push notification secrets into your website or mobile device. With just a simple Yalgaar SDK’s, you can incorporate messages into your customer’s device. Two important parameters that need to be accompanied with the push would be the channel name and message body.

  1. The channel name identifies the channel across which the message has to be displayed.

  2. The message body is nothing but the data to be transmitted into the channel.


Meanwhile, Yalgaar gives clients the freedom to decide if they want to subscribe to the service or not. This means clients can opt for your push notification message at any time. Once again, there are three important parameters responsible for deciding how the subscription should work:

  1. Channel name is required to subscribe for a series of messages.

  2. The message callback is sent when the channels are subscribed successfully. Once the subscription is successful, the consumer will be able to receive messages from the business effortlessly.

  3. Presence callback is required because clients can choose to join or leave the service. 

On the whole, Yalgaar is a one-stop solution for your push notification secrets service. With the help of this service, you will be able to connect with customers through messages at real-time! . This technology is definitely a winner for mobile applications. Of course, the usage is not limited to mobile apps. Instead, you can integrate it with your web pages too. This means, with the help of Yalgaar you will be able to “push” messages into the web browser and mobile devices of users. Now, the list of benefits of using Yalgaar doesn’t end here. You will be able to show messages even when the screen is locked. Likewise, you can send notifications to desktop devices, even when the web app is closed!

Key Features of Push Notification Secrets

With Yalgaar being a great tool to help you with push notification secrets, there are functionalities your business needs to invest time and effort on.

One would be automation. Remember, the process of sending push message notifications should be automated to a great extent. This means you don’t need to manually “push” the send button for sharing news with your customers. Two, the feature should allow you to send multiple, bulk notifications. This is once again an essential feature for business, which would reduce workload. Finally, you should make use of in-application push notification secrets. These are messages that appear even when the app is up and running. People consider this as an easy technology. But remember, you need to work with solid approaches like Yalgaar to make the entire process simple, reliable and secure.

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