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Develop Your First Publish-Subscribe Application With Yalgaar

July 11, 2020

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A Quick Guide on Building a Pub/Sub Messaging Tool using Yalgaar

If you are a part of the marketing world, you will definitely need a sound strategy for creating, publishing and subscribing messages. Now, most marketers tend to face issues in creating a platform that is both scalable and secure. This is where the real challenge lies. As your business becomes bigger, you will need a potential platform for designing a messaging tool that works in real-time. Remember, this is not a demand that is meant only for your business. Instead, this is a demand from customers too. Most customers want their businesses to keep them engaged in real-time. They prefer customer care and support around the clock, and as soon as possible. In such situations, Yalgaar proves to be useful.

Yalgaar offers a real-time and holistic messaging environment. The messaging facilities are offered at competitive prices, and with unparalleled benefits. The platform allows you to send and receive messages across geographies, platforms and devices.

Benefits of Publish and Subscribe Applications in Yalgaar 

Exclusive: This is one of the prime benefits of Yalgaar. You can create a single, unicast channel for sending and receiving messages. A separate channel can be assigned for sharing messages. This is the kind of exclusiveness that many businesses and customers want.

Scalability: Your development in Yalgaar will be highly scalable. You will be able to send and receive a million messages. Scalability is achieved in Yalgaar through the cloud infrastructure.

Reliability: Another invincible benefit of Yalgaar would be reliability. The turnaround time and downtime of this SDK is remarkable. Most businesses are able to keep their messaging channels up for hours, days and even months without any hassles or tussles.

Security: Yalgaar supports AES256 libraries. These libraries are in-built. The connectivity is based on TLS protocols. It offers end-to-end and point-to-point encryption. This is how Yalgaar ensures top-notch security.

Robustness: Messaging facilities offered by Yalgaar are extremely robust. Many industrial protocols like web socket and MQTTs can be utilized using the SDK.

Step by Step Guide on how to use Yalgaar for Publish and Subscribe Messaging 

Connecting with Yalgaar 

The very first step in developing a publish and subscribe messaging channel would be an active connection with Yalgaar. The application has a sign in form. Through this form, you can access the dashboard in a few seconds. The dashboard will let you create a pub/sub-applications. In order to help you with your development, Yalgaar has a demo app. Click on this demo application to access the application information page. This is where you will see the Yalgaar client key. Every online developer using Yalgaar has a client key. This key is important for authenticating and connecting to the Yalgaar server while developing a secure Pub/Sub messaging application.

Subscription of messages using Yalgaar 

The next step in developing a secure publish-subscribe messaging channel would be “Subscribe”. According to experts, you must subscribe channel first before publishing the message. The subscription needs to happen before publishing messages. Remember, the subscription and publishing have to happen on the same channel name. This consistency needs to be maintained, to ensure that the channel is both secure and customized to meet the needs of stakeholders. The channel names are highly case sensitive. The primary reason behind case sensitive names would be scalability. And, you can have at most 50 characters in the name. This includes hyphens, alphanumeric, hyphens, at the rate and underscore.

Publish messages using Yalgaar

Once the subscription channel is built, you can publish message on the channel. Just like the subscription channel, the publish channel is case sensitive. The name can have at most 50 characters. And, you can include hyphens, alphanumeric, hyphens, at the rate and underscore.

Unsubscribe channel 

Once the publish and subscribe channels are created, you can unsubscribe channel if you’re application does not want to receive messages from that channel. For unsubscribing, you need to use the channel name.

Importance of Yalgaar SDK development 

Now, let’s understand more on why the Yalgaar SDK development platform is crucial for businesses. As mentioned previously, this development platform is much wanted by marketers who want to create a live channel between their stakeholders. Real-time messaging is used by many companies around the world. For instance, Uber was a pioneer in building and deploying real-time applications. Brands around the world strongly believe that communication is the soul of any business. With an effective channel, you will be able to reduce the impact of spam. This is because you can select the messages to be shared and stored. The cloud infrastructure allows us to store messages for a longer period of time. When you wish to build a business that is customer-centric, every conversation needs to be recorded. The recorded messages are stored in the cloud. This gives stakeholders the freedom to open and view messages on the go.

Another important reason why messaging channels are required would be team building. With the help of these channels, you will be able to interact with different levels of your business. This seamless interaction model is a result of the unique channels created by the messaging tool. The channels will help in maintaining separate user lists too.

When compared with traditional phone conversations and messaging methods, real-time protocols are faster. For instance, both the customers and business owners will be able to interact in real-time. They would be able to exchange information without any intermediate sources. Above all, the publishing and subscription strategy allows customers to receive an immediate response from the firm. This is highly appreciated by customers who really want to engage in business with you. Of course, potential customers who intend to gather information about your products and services will also benefit. In the long run, spotless communication methods will help in establishing a reliable and loyal relationship.


Developing a publish and subscribe messaging model using Yalgaar is not rocket science. This is one of the most user-friendly and reliable forms of communication channels you can create. In the upcoming years, the demand for Yalgaar SDK is only going to increase. Fortunately, this solution relies on a cloud architecture that helps is eradicating problems like scalability, security and plug-n-play facilities.

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